These badges were made up by Carole Landry in 2001?
When will they learn?

Click image and print out a contact sheet (or a "contract" sheet).

This is how long we endured without a contract give or take two hours.
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Your name, as it appears on your MTA member card (with the space between first and last name and without your middle initial), is your first-time user name. Your member number is your first-time password. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will given an opportunity to select your own user name and password. This will be your user name and password for all future visits. This same username and password with allow you to visit the Members Only area of the MTA website as well.
The School Committee voted on April 7th to ratify the contracts for the Teachers and the Paras/Administrative Assistants. Thank you all that helped or endured.

A specialthank-you to the Negotiations Committee and the Crises Committee.

satellite view of HRHS 2005

Carole Landry was one of the most respected and beloved teachers at Hampshire Regional High School. Every kid that has learned to type and every kid that has ever gone to a school dance knows and loves Carole. Ask any teacher what is good about Hampshire Regional and their answers will reflect something that Carole has done for this school.
Carole has served as co-treasurer for the HREA for as long as I can remember. Every Exective Board meeting has been "catered" with Carole's cookies and soda.
Click on her picture for a larger picture of a dedicated teacher who loved this school and her students to the very end of her life. Re-click to return to this page.
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Past President

Dale's minutes of the June 1 meeting are in the Members Only Area.

Fall Meeting agenda (pdf)
Fall Meeting agenda (MS word)
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Dale's Minutes of the Sep 26, 2006 Fall Meeting are in the Member's Only Area